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Casket Flowers – How To Create Simple & Solemn Beauty

Funerals are a time to reflect and remember the good things in a person’s life. Family and friends gathered around, honoring the deceased. Gentle music, and a muted atmosphere to enhance the serenity and peace. Having nice funeral casket flowers … Continue reading

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When Writing Obituaries

These are the common pitfalls people run into when writing obituaries. These mistakes make the difference between a good obituary and a meaningful obituary. Learn how you can avoid these pitfalls when writing obituaries for your loved ones. Why You … Continue reading

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Death Is One Of Life’s Poignant Inevitabilities

Everyone has the right to a dignified funeral, where they will be praised and honoured in the presence of family and friends. Death is one of life’s poignant inevitabilities. When faced with the unfortunate responsibility of planning a funeral, one … Continue reading

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After the Funeral: Grief Counseling for Everyone

When a loved one dies, we all react differently. For some people, accepting the inevitable loss of a 87-year-old much-loved grandfather following a lengthy illness is not that difficult. For others, it is an unbearable task. Similarly, some people seem … Continue reading

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